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Virtual Bitcoin Card


A virtual bitcoin card digitally represents a physical crypto card that works like a traditional debit user’s card. It provides an easy and secure way to use your Bitcoin. Unlike traditional debit cards, virtual bitcoin cards are not linked to any bank account, and transactions are done directly between two parties without going through a financial institution. This makes them ideal for making quick, secure payments without the hassle of dealing with a third-party intermediary.


How Virtual Bitcoin Cards Work?

A virtual bitcoin card works similarly to a physical crypto card, except it doesn’t allow ATM withdrawals. After signing up with a card provider, you’ll receive your card details, such as the number and expiration date. You’ll also be given a unique PIN code that you can use to access the card’s online interface.


After getting the card, you can load your cryptocurrencies at any time. The crypto assets then get converted to a fiat currency of your choice, and you can use it to make purchases at any online merchant that accepts debit cards. The funds will be deducted from your virtual bitcoin card balance when you purchase. You can top-up any time you want to use it to the maximum limit the provider allows.


Top Virtual Bitcoin Cards

There are several options for virtual bitcoin cards, including:


PlasBit Virtual Card

PlasBit is one of the most popular virtual bitcoin cards available. It provides users with an easy-to-use platform, fast transaction times, low fees, and a wide range of currencies. The cards also have top security features such as biometrics and 2FA authentication.



  • $25,000 load per day limit from PlasBit wallet.
  • $5,000 POS purchase per day limit.
  • $50,000 load per month limit from PlasBit wallet.

Cryptopay Virtual Card

The Cryptopay virtual bitcoin card allows users to make online payments and subscriptions conveniently. You can create a card, use it, close it, then create another card instantly. It also boasts high-security standards such as multi-signature authentication and encryption protocols.



  • €8.8k daily limit load.
  • €50k maximum balance
  • €30k single spend.

Binance Virtual Card

The Binance virtual Bitcoin card is a convenient way to pay for goods and services with cryptocurrencies. It supports several countries and allows you to top-up your card anytime. Binance’s world-class security protects the card. Additionally, it has a low currency conversion fee, making it one of the most cost-effective online shopping options.



  • 870 EUR daily spending limit

Wirex Virtual Card

Wirex offers a range of virtual cards accepted anywhere VISA and Mastercard are accepted. Their Wirex Visa card allows you to convert Bitcoin into fiat, making purchases and shopping easy. The Wirex app lets users track their spending and budgeting in real time.



  • £30,000 ePOS/POS spending limit per day.
  • 75 000 EUR ePOS/POS spending limit in 3 months.

Advantages Of  Virtual Bitcoin Cards

Virtual Bitcoin cards have several advantages for people looking to spend their cryptocurrencies on the go. They include:


  • More Convenience:

    A virtual bitcoin card is much more convenient than traditional debit cards as they don’t require any paperwork or bank account information. Moreover, you can use them for any online transaction.

  • Higher Security:

    Virtual bitcoin cards are highly secure as no personal information is shared with the merchant or other parties. This reduces the risk of fraud and identity theft.

  • Lower Fees:

    The cards have lower fees compared to traditional debit card transactions, making them a more cost-effective payment option for users.

Limitations Of  Virtual Bitcoin Cards

While virtual bitcoin cards are convenient and secure, there are a few limitations to consider:


  • Exchange Rate Fluctuations:

    The exchange rate of cryptocurrencies can be volatile, so the amount you receive when using your card may differ from what you expect.

  • Low Load Limits:

    Some providers have low load and spending limits for virtual Bitcoin cards compared to physical crypto cards. This limit means that you can’t spend large amounts.

  • No ATM withdrawals:

    Virtual cards don’t support ATM withdrawals, so you cannot withdraw cash from an ATM. You can only spend your money on subscriptions and online purchases.


Virtual bitcoin cards are becoming increasingly popular as they offer several advantages over traditional debit cards and other payment methods. They are convenient and secure and offer low fees, making them an excellent option for shopping online with cryptocurrencies.


When using a virtual Bitcoin card, it’s essential to consider the services, fees, features and limits the provider offers. We recommend using a PlasBit card because of the high limits, anonymity, and top security features.

Virtual Bitcoin Card