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Virtual Bitcoin Debit Card

Bitcoin is currently more than 14 years old and has long been accepted as a system of digital currency which means Bitcoin cryptocurrency is no longer a strange concept. Many individuals use this cryptocurrency for various purposes, such as sending money, making payments, or preserving their wealth.


While there are lots of businesses that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, there are also numerous ones that prefer to receive payment in traditional currency. There is, therefore, a need to combine the ease of online transactions with the use of Bitcoin in one easy process, knowing that converting your Bitcoin to its traditional currency equivalent can be tedious. However, with technology improving daily, you can bypass this conversion process through a system that mimics a regular online transaction with a traditional bank account.


What is a Bitcoin Virtual Debit Card?

A virtual Bitcoin debit card is a virtual payment tool that allows users to convert their Bitcoin into traditional currency at the point of transaction. It is issued by third-party providers and linked to your assigned Bitcoin wallet. It exists solely in its digital form and makes spending Bitcoin for transactions very convenient as it bridges the gap between Bitcoin cryptocurrency and traditional currency. Here are a few things to understand about a virtual Bitcoin debit card:


  • A virtual Bitcoin debit card is linked to a Bitcoin wallet, allowing you to spend BTC in real-time instead of exchanging for traditional currency first.


  • Providers of a Bitcoin debit card will require you to open an account with them, which grants you access to a wallet, and the debit card is then linked to this wallet.


  • This card exists solely in digital form, and all the card details, such as expiration date, CVV, and card number, are accessed through a mobile app or website.


  • You can use this card with any online merchant that accepts a traditional debit card, although charges vary according to your chosen provider.


  • There is no risk of this card being stolen, and it often comes with other security measures to protect you from online vulnerability.


  • Transactions are not limited by locality; you can make international transactions anonymously with a virtual Bitcoin debit card, depending on your provider.


  • Potential charges come with owning and using a virtual Bitcoin debit card, which may be levied on issuance, transaction, or conversion. They vary according to different providers, as some charge more reasonably than others.


  • There are a variety of cards and providers to choose from, giving you the choice to select one that best suits your needs.


These debit cards vary according to their types, and some are:


Single currency card

This virtual Bitcoin debit card only allows users to convert their Bitcoin into a single fiat currency, such as EUR or USD, for spending.


Multi-currency card

This type supports conversions into multiple fiat currencies, and it is particularly beneficial to individuals who make a lot of international transactions.


Prepaid card

For people who want to keep tabs on spending, a prepaid virtual Bitcoin debit card is ideal because only a certain amount of Bitcoin may be placed onto it before usage.


Reloadable card

As the name suggests, holders of this virtual Bitcoin debit card can add more Bitcoin to their balance providing convenience for continuous/ongoing use or transaction. It is best for people who make transactions online regularly.


Non-reloadable card

This is the exact opposite of the reloadable virtual debit card. Only a fixed amount of Bitcoin is issued with the card, which becomes inactive once the balance has been exhausted.




Plasbit is an online banking system holding a crypto exchange license regulated by the Polish government. It is a blockchain-based platform that provides various financial services, including storing cryptocurrency, exchanging it for fiat money, sending money, and providing customers access to a virtual Bitcoin debit card for transactions.

The virtual card is pre-paid and will only charge transactions up to the amount loaded onto it, removing the possibility of unexpected fees.


How To Get A Virtual Bitcoin Debit Card On Plasbit

Getting a virtual card on Plasbit is simple, fast, and seamless. You can get your Bitcoin debit card in 3 easy steps:


  1. Create an account with Plasbit.
  2. Fund your Plasbit wallet with as much Bitcoin as you wish.
  3. Order your virtual card; you can order a Visa or MasterCard with Plasbit.


Once all these steps have been completed, you will be given a virtual debit card that works like a plastic card with all the card details needed for a transaction.



  • Plasbit has a fantastic user interface. Its usage is simple and very easy to understand, especially for beginners. It offers prompts that help to improve navigation.
  • It is flexible and makes managing crypto and fiat currency easy, for example, and you can lock and unlock your card at will, thereby controlling your spending.
  • The Blockchain system used by Plasbit ensures maximum security. It also guarantees user privacy and protection with its biometric and 2-factor authentication.
  • The fees on Plasbit are low and transparent, and there’s no risk of hidden fees either on your card or Plasbit wallet.
  • It gives transactional access to several countries in their local currency, so you do not have to worry about a merchant not accepting the currency your BTC is being converted into.



  • The customer support line is not toll-free; therefore, users may have to resort to emails.



Coinbase is a digital currency exchange that allows its digital cardholders to spend their cryptocurrency through a Visa card only, and this bitcoin debit card automatically converts your bitcoin into the Coinbase wallet, which means you do not have to keep any fiat currency in your personal bank account.



  • It can be used anywhere a visa card is accepted.
  • It allows you to lock your card if you wish.
  • It has multiple security features that are guaranteed to protect your privacy.



  • It is only available in about 30 countries.
  • It charges several fees, such as a £4.95 card issuance fee for Europe and U.K. residents.



Blockcard offers one of the cheapest virtual Bitcoin debit cards. It covers funds to USD to make transactions anywhere a Visa card is accepted. It has a default spendable asset known as TERN, any cryptocurrency will be converted to TERN in the Blockcard wallet, and this TERN will then be converted to USD at the point of transaction. It also has a reward program based on staking.



  • They do not charge any exchange, transaction, or withdrawal fee.
  • It has a 24-hour customer support service.
  • It allows customers to stake TERN to receive rewards anytime they transact with the Bitcoin debit card.



  • Bitcoin must be converted to TERN before purchases can be made.
  • Users are charged a monthly fee if a spending limit is not reached.
  • Fees for international transactions are relatively high.



Bitmama’s Bitcoin virtual debit card allows you to make local and international payments and subscriptions globally anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Like any other Bitcoin virtual debit card, it takes away the hassle of converting crypto and allows you to spend your stablecoin directly on transactions. The cards are protected with layers of security to ensure tour funds are well protected.



  • The virtual cards do not contain personal information, protecting your privacy.
  • You can choose to cancel or delete your card anytime you wish.
  • Bitmama’s enhanced security prevents you from being susceptible to fraud, giving you maximum protection.



  • It only offers a MasterCard.
  • Its currency equivalent is only in USD.



As popular as Bitcoin is, it is common knowledge that not all merchants accept payment directly in BTC. Therefore, many individuals have to sell their Bitcoin on an exchange and withdraw the fiat currency back into their bank account before being able to make transactions. Luckily, the advent of a virtual Bitcoin debit card has helped bypass the stressful process of exchanging Bitcoin for traditional cuIt is, however, essential to get a virtual card that best caters to always facilitates seamless transactions action.


Of the virtual Bitcoin debit card services listed above, Plasbit is highly recommended for an all-around smooth service. It remains the best option for both beginners and experienced traders as its friendly user interface, flexibility of usage, reasonable charges, fantastic customer support, and multiple positive reviews from its users make it stand out from other virtual debit card services.

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